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The hostel for boys was started in April 1997 to serve the educational needs of students coming from far off places with an objective of providing better educational environment and right ambience. It is a help extended by the school management to the families who are far away from school’s vicinity.

Visiting Rules

To allow acclimatization of the children to the new campus life, parents are normally not to visit their ward for the first 45 days from the date of admission except in emergencies.

 Parents can meet/take their children only on the specific days. Relatives/visitors are not allowed to meet a student if not accompanied by the parents.

Mid Term Break

Parents who wish to take their children home during the Mid-semester recess, will have to make their own arrangements for the to and fro journey.

 Students who opt to remain in the hostel may join special Educational Tours on additional payment.

Students who do not wish to join the Educational Tours or Camp programme will be required to participate in activities (Educational/Recreation) specially organised in the campus during the mid-semester.

Letter from Students to Parents 

Students are encouraged to write regularly to their parents. On every Saturday the Hostel In- charge ensures that the students write to their parents. Writing stationery is provided by the school and the cost is debited to parents’ account.

Pocket-Money, Valuables & Tuck 

The school has its own Tuck-shop where the articles of daily utility are available. Mode of payment is through tokens which are issued by the school against payment by the parents. The Tuck-shop is open only during stipulated hours. Coupons are allowed for an amount of Rs. 100/- per month. Additional amount of Rs. 100/- is allowed to the students when they are taken on a guided excursion/shopping to some nearby town (on return the balance amount is converted into coupons as the students are not allowed to keep cash with them.) the above amount is debited to the student’s account. No eatables are allowed from outside at any time.

Students are not allowed to keep money in the hostel. Money found will be confiscated. Students are not allowed to bring valuable items like electronic games, gold chain, ring, walkman etc.

Leave for the Students

Students, normally, are not allowed to take leave during the term. However the Principal may grant leave for a valid reason not exceeding 6 days during an academic session.

 Parents, who wish to take their children home during the mid-semester recess, will have to make their own arrangements for the to and fro journey. However the school makes rail/air booking for far off places.

Children going home must report back to the School on time. Any default may result in fine and subsequent rustication. If leave is required for the marriage of blood relatives, prior approval of the Principal should be taken well in advance. No permission will be granted at the last moment.

Medical Requirement

No child, who is suffering from communicable disease (including skin disease and bed wetting), can be admitted to the School. If the parents do not bring this to the notice of the School authorities at the time of admission, the child may be expelled from the School whenever any of the above mentioned diseases comes to the notice of the school authorities.

Telephone Calls/STD Facility

Parents can telephone their children during the stipulated time only on specific days.

Students can make STD calls from the School with prior permission of the Principal.