Designed and built with care, filled with creative elements



We strictly follow CBSE pattern so the syllabus of Senior and Secondary School is planed as per National Curriculum Framework of CBSE.



The English department of Modern Public School inspires the ‘Occident’ to meet with ’Orient’. The multi skilled teachers with indigenous ideas help the students to improve and advance their speaking skills together with the literary aptitude. With the help of trained staffs students enthuse their expressions  in dramatization, jingles, recitation and debate etc. on inter-class, inter-house and inter-school levels.


The Modernites are made fluent and flawless in the usage of their national language. The skillful teachers of Hindi help them to be confident in their expressions whether it is an oratory or creative writing skill.

Hindi & Sanskrit- Sanskrit is the mother of all Indian language, is being taught from sixth to eighth standard as a main subject, whereas in class IX & X as an optional subject.

Audio-Visual Aid : The staffs of MPS make their own projects and show them on LCD in every class as audio-visual aid.

The budding editors of all three languages assist their teachers in publishing  the School Magazine, ‘YATRA’ every year.


The Department has always shared the vision of the school in striving for excellence in research and teaching activities and has succeeded in this endeavour to a large extent. The School also provides Maths Lab facility to the students. In Junior School children enjoy activity based learning whereas in Senior School students make tremendous projects on Maths apart from their regular studies.


The departments of Physics, Chemistry and Biology work together to develop the scientific temperament of the Modernites. The school has well equipped labs to help the students to groom themselves. Students work on various projects under the guidance of their teachers, the spacious and well equipped labs and the expert guidance of experienced teachers help the young scientists work indigenously.


The stable economy of the country inspires the students to opt for commerce and Modern Public School teaches such students the sound ways of enhancing this stability. The competent teachers of the school help the students to magnify even the non detail structure of economics and provide them with sound knowledge of subjects like Accountancy, Business Studies and Economics.


Technology as one of the principal driving forces has made an imprint on one’s life ever since life started. The Computer Department of Modern Public School is a pioneer in providing computer education to the students. The school has two computer labs: Junior and Senior.  The Modernites are trained to be techno savvy by very skillful and experienced teachers. The LCD projector enables the teachers as well as young learners to make and use their own projects. 


The Department of Social Studies provides the students with a clear vision of their past, present and future. They get to know about their environment, country and the world. The subjects like History, Geography, Economics and Disaster Management enable the students to have a better perspective of general awareness up to class X. The self-made slides by teachers, use of LCD, maps and interactive board increase students’ interest in these subjects.


Comparatively a new subject in the Canon of School Education is an interesting subject for the student of Secondary School which further helps students of PCM in Engineering.